I would like to solicit your prayers for me as I have been given the great opportunity and privilege to be at the United Nations all through next week for a very important conference on Population and Development. My sincere hope and prayer is to continue to witness to the sanctity and dignity of human […] ..Read More


In the last two months, the western leaders have shown themselves to be modern day cultural imperialists. In their bitter disapproval they have pulled out their proverbial whip to crack down on the Nigerian and Ugandan Presidents who recently passed bills to prohibit the LGBT propaganda in their countries.  We have heard of President Obama’s […] ..Read More

Once again we see the “carbon footprints” of the pro-abortion team in Africa. As last week, a number of partnersgathered together to host the Sixth Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights in Yaounde, Cameroon. The conference is one of the many efforts to redefine, replace or drown out real human rights and authentic developmentin […] ..Read More


For the work and mission of Culture of Life Africa  Intention:  Today we pray for:  -Culture of Life Africa  – All the people of goodwill who generously work and collaborate with Culture of Life Africa  -All the excellent organisations that collaborate with Culture of Life Africa in protecting the African people from the Culture of […] ..Read More


For the strengthening of the people of Africa  Intention: Today we prayerfully remember:  -African women who are constanstantly blessing and nourishing their communities with their feminine gifts and charisms  -African men who seek to protect and provide for their families with much courage and fortitude -African youth who are so malleable and impressionable by any […] ..Read More


Intention Today is a perfect day to pray for:-ourselves -our families-our friends ReflectionWe have been granted the privilege to hear and heed the message of Life, Love and Dignity within the culture and community we find ourselves. But most of us have, at some point in life, been afflicted and affected by the culture of death around us. Most […] ..Read More


For the Healing of all those wounded within the Culture of Death.  IntentionToday, we remember the pain of:  -post abortive women and men -women and men sterilised against their will -divorced men and women -children of divorced parents -children in same-sex parent households  Reflection There are so many walking wounded among us who have been […] ..Read More