I remember when I was about 10 years old being over whelmed with a sense of deep shame when I first heard my grandmother’s stories about some traditional practices during her childhood in the 1920’s and before the missionaries came to our part of Africa. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my cultural […] ..Read More


It goes without saying that our world is rapidly being re-shaped and reconfigured by a hand full of powerful and “progressive” nations , organisations and personalities who have a distorted view of the nature of human life, marriage and family. They are re-defining culture and civilization and in the process really destroying the core values that have held many societies […] ..Read More


When I was growing up in the South-Eastern Nigerian city of Owerri, I remember once when unspeakable crimes were committed, a poor boy was kidnapped, killed for ritual, and cut up like an animal. These acts signified a very dark time for my people. Eventually a group of men were arrested in connection with the […] ..Read More


As International Planned Parenthood Federation (and other like-minded groups) continues to mount coordinated pressure on African nations for legal and “safe” abortion for women, we see them pouring astronomical amounts of money to grease corrupt palms, confuse undecided minds and harden unsuspecting hearts towards the unborn in various African countries. This is most unfortunate because […] ..Read More


PROTECTING GOD’S GIFTS OF LIFE & FAMILY In response to the encroaching Culture of Death, the increasing violation of the sanctity of human life around the world, and in line with Pope Francis’ call for the need to sustain and support marriage and family life,theCatholic Bishops, priests, religious and laity of the Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province […] ..Read More


By now, most people would have heard about the movie adaptation of the distasteful erotica novel – 50 Shades of Grey by British author E.L. James. This thinly veiled perverse glorification of sexual violence has now generated record sales around the world – 70 million copies and counting. This is probably why Hollywood rushed to […] ..Read More


Catholic Answers Focus recently featured Culture of Life Africa as Uju was the guest of show host Patrick Coffin in the second half of the show. It was an excellent interview that captures succinctly the on going battle to protect the pro-life and pro-family stance of the African people and it is a pleasure to […] ..Read More