A Super Successful Year of Pro-Life Mission


As we start slowing down the tempo of our lives in preparation for Christmas, End of Year and New Year celebrations, most of us look back at the high and low points of our year.
We take stock of our pains, gains and goals of the year.
We try to sum up and summarize our lessons for the year.
And most importantly we give thanks to God Almighty for His generous gifts and graces given through precious friends and family.

We are indeed thankful for and to all our friends & family who prayed and cared for our work and mission throughout this year.
Without your prayers and generous donations, we would never have been able to get through the unbelievable demands of the mission of 2015.

Our work this year took us to 8 countries and 20 cities around the world as we made many pro-life interventions – speaking, pleading, preaching, teaching, lobbying and leading for the protection of human life from the womb to the tomb.

We were in:

-United States
-United Kingdom

And we were involved in proposing, planning, organizing and facilitating groundbreaking Pro-Life events in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Malawi .

We actively participated in major March for Life rallies in United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana.

We spoke at several pro-life conferences and seminars, AGM’s and training sessions all through the year.

We hosted various high-level strategic meetings for African Religious Leaders and Legislators.

We provided pro-life information and technical support for many African leaders and decision makers.

We worked in collaboration with so many amazing Pro-Life Organisations in Africa, Europe and America.

We have been featured by various media organisations including BBC radio, EWTN, Relevant Radio, the Nigerian Guardian and Vanguard Newspapers. Our articles this year have also been re-published on various major websites around the world.

Indeed this year has been a very fruitful one as we have seen the impact of our work to promote an authentic Culture of Life and Civilization of Love throughout the world.

We know for sure that without your constant encouragement and unflinching support we would not have been able to answer God’s call to mission this year.

May God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you!!!!

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