Whose idea was it?


A“Family Planning” conference has just been concluded in Abuja, the capital of my country and what I found most remarkable about it was that this one conference attracted 11 very wealthy, and mostly western sponsors- DFID, USAID, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, UNFPA etc.

Very wealthy and indeed very western!

Any one of them could have single-handedly sponsored a conference in any part of the world but to have 11 of these giants gather over one little conference in Nigeria is worth careful consideration.

Along side these sponsors were also about 25 powerful organizations enlisting as the “corporate partners/planning committee” of the conference, these included major organizations well known in Europe and America for their single-minded radical pro-abortion and anti-life stance. These included organizations like International Planned parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International, Ipas, Pathfinder and many others.

Yes, all of them gathered in Abuja so as to nudge and prod Nigeria towards the direction of “family planning”.

Family Planning is a term that is  (or should be) self explanatory. It should mean the planning of one’s family. It should be a term that by default points to married committed couples who have a family to plan. It should be family-centred and it should connote self-mastery and self-discipline (for every good plan should be undergirded by discipline) . Family planning.

It should be a good,healthy, pure and beautiful concept. Couples, guided by the spirit of openness to love and life, can plan their family together while understanding that any life conceived by their union is a gift of enormous value. Family planning should be natural and healthy to both husband and wife. It should not be destructive or detrimental to health of mind and body (as many if not most of the artificial contraception available today can and often do cause much damage to health).

Family planning should entail a lot of love, understanding, generosity of spirit, humility, patience, self-control, fidelity, communication, care and cooperation. All of these enrich the marital bond and strengthen the rich marriage and family-oriented culture that Nigeria already has.

However, the “Family Planning” conference that was recently brought into Abuja (by mostly western actors) had very little or nothing at all to do with self-control or fidelity or patience or even marriage! On the contrary it had much to do with promoting a hedonistic, individualistic and selfish view of sex.

The conference had a very unhealthy focus on normalizing sexual activities among the Nigerian youth outside the context of marriage. They had highly eroticized campaigns targeting the young. They had presentations on topics like “Addressing the Family Planning service needs of youth”.

Well, if they are youth, what need do they have for “family planning”? If they do not have a “family” then what exactly are they “planning”? What is so dire about the family planning needs of our young adolescents to warrant 11 powerful sponsors and 25 corporate partners?

The truth is that the listed organizers, sponsors and planners of this conference are very much in tune with the FP2020 target and in step with the highly radicalized agenda of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) which is right now sweeping through the western world like a hurricane, destroying countless lives,homes, marriages and families.

They gather in our Capital with their “family planning” conference in order to disparage our widely held and shared cultural and religious views on life, love, marriage and family. It is an attack on the natural modesty and innocence of our youth who are vulnerable and so impressionable.

This conference was not convened out of great necessity in my country and it was not conceived in Nigeria. Rather it was convened at the behest of the cultural imperialists who consider themselves our “betters” and it was conceived in the hearts of powerful western social engineers who are already well known for their commitment to the SRHR propaganda. They are the same people who are mindlessly promoting abortion around the world. They are the same ones who have paved the path for the ongoing LGBT revolution in the west. They are the same ones implicated in various draconian population control programs around the world. And yet, Nigeria opens the door to them. We acknowledge their “superiority” on matters of family life. We allow them access to our youth. We accept their poisoned gifts of contraceptives. We agree to their radical demands made in the spirit of social experimentation.

If we do not wake up now, we will surely fall off a cultural cliff beyond which there is colossal and irreparable destruction of marriage and family life.

I appeal passionately to my people, do not fall for the lies of misguided western ideologues. Instead, let us together as a people reconsider carefully and reflect deeply on the true meaning, purpose and implications of ” Family Planning”. For this, we do not need wealthy sponsors, donors, partners and planners who have emerged from a broken world where the sanctity of human life is denied, where the law allows for the killing of the unborn, where sex outside of marriage has been normalized, where the divorce rates are staggering and the suicide rates are incredibly high.
These, are the marks of failure etched on the faces of the same people bringing us the unsolicited gift of “family planning”.

If we are truly wise, we should not give them access to our intimate lives, our precious families, our innocent children and our cherished women.

We may be poor but our dignity is ours, so let us not fail or fall for what the 21st century cultural imperialists have surreptitiously labelled as “family planning” or what they have cunningly called the most “unmet need” of Africa.