Post-Abortion Healing


One area of pro-life mission in Africa that needs more witnesses and more emphasis is Post-Abortion Healing.
Many many many women who choose abortion usually do so without understanding the full destructive and devastating effects of abortion. They are won over by the empty promises of “choice”. They are deceived by the false hope of peace and privacy that the abortion advocates offer. 
But in most of the cases, the forces at work in abortion bear down viciously after the death of the innocent. Many women suffer life-long anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, substance abuse… And all these are suffered in silence. 

But there is real hope, real healing, real mercy offered by God through various post-abortion healing ministries and missionaries. 
LISA MORRIS from Silent No More Awareness (pictured) shared her powerful post-abortion healing testimony at the Pro-Life conference in Abuja, Nigeria. 
Her story was one of mercy and healing. Many people shed tears during her testimony and some of the Nigerian Bishops decided to pray over this brave woman, they blessed her and blessed her mission which is all about encouraging suffering women to come out of their silent pit of pain, be healed and be “Silent No More” about their abortion. 
God bless Lisa Morris!!! God bless every woman who has known the excruciating pain of abortion and has decided to be silent no more!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen!