Efforts continue to Implant the Sexual and Reproductive Rights Agendain Africa

Once again we see the “carbon footprints” of the pro-abortion team in Africa. As last week, a number of partnersgathered together to host the Sixth Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights in Yaounde, Cameroon.

The conference is one of the many efforts to redefine, replace or drown out real human rights and authentic developmentin Africa with sexual and reproductive rights.

In the words of the organisers of this conference, they intend to “disseminate international declarations, charters and guidelines to civil society organizations to enhance their role in promoting sexual and reproductive rights.”

Most of the core partners of this African conference were wealthy western organisations well known for their population control agenda as well as their commitment to promotingthe world-wide radical sexual and reproductive rights agenda.
They are:

-The Ford Foundation

-The International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPFAR)

-The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC)

-MacArthur Foundation

-Packard Foundation

-UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund

-Urgent Action Fund-Africa (known for their activism to promote the LGBT propagandain Africa, they also advocates for the decriminalization of sex workers and also abortion rights)

Theconference ended with a call from U.N. Population Fund Deputy Director Kate Gilmore for African leaders to end all barriers that prevent women and girls from attaining their sexual and reproductive health “capacities”.

Following this conference, the Senior Regional Adviser, Advocacy and Policy, for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Africa regionin an exclusive interview with PANA, spoke very stronglyto recommend that Misoprostol should be made widely available and within the reach of African women.
Misoprostol is a drug used for medical abortions , and in their rabid attack on motherhood, the IPPF and others are working so hard to infect the hearts and minds of the African women.
Culture of Life Africa Commentary:

In Africa, there areis a great need for so many basic amenities, social infrastructure andauthentic development,but with a lot of foreign aid and wealthy donors, atwisted ideology isbeing disseminated and forced upon the African people through all sorts of sponsored events, and conferences. On the other hand, there are so few events to undo the damage being done in Africa. Pro-Life and Pro-family events are so few and far between because of a lack of resources and also a lack of enthusiasm, but maybe thetime has come for all people of goodwill toactivelysupport and encourage more of these life affirming events,activities and conferences.
About UNFPA’s Kate Gilmore…We all remember this tweet from 3 months ago when Director Kate Gilmore said to African youth that “we need to put sex back into family planning”.

We hope that Ms Gilmore will refrain from promoting her western ideologies among Africans so that real development can be achieved in AfricaAs for theIPPF trying to push the distribution of a dangerous abortion inducing drug in a Continent that has 80% of its nations with pro-life laws, we’ll just simply state that in Africa motherhood is celebrated and children are always considered blessings and precious gifts,so weare not looking for either medical or surgical techniques to kill these children when they are given.