A prose for World Contraception Day

Today is WCD- World Contraception Day.

Today our world has chosen to celebrate one class of pharmaceutical product that stands above all others. For there is really nothing like World Vitamins Day, or World Analgesic Day or World Antibiotic Day.
No, the world has just picked out what it considers as the most important drug to celebrate – Contraception.
So it surely must be a real day of jubilation and celebration for many among us.

It is a day of celebration for radical feminists who equate motherhood with slavery. They get to live to their ripe old age without one single stretch mark or cellulite.

It is a day of celebration for millions of men who want sex with no strings attached.

It is also a day of victory and celebration for millions of husbands who never have to practice restraints or self-control because their wives stay sterile for them everyday of the year.

It is a day of celebration for unfaithful husbands (or wives) who are assured of “safe” sex outside their marriage .

It is a day of celebration for the habitual one-night standers, they get to have sex with anyone at anytime as long as it’s consensual.  

It is a day of celebration for voluntary sex workers, the full length of their wild and dangerous career path is paved and “protected” with contraception.

It is a day of spectacular celebration for the adult entertainment industry, their multi-billion dollar empire is built upon the solid foundation of contraceptive drugs and devices.
It is a day of great celebration for the LGBT communities because they get to reaffirm their great kinship with the many many heterosexual couples around them who are poster kids for sterile and vacuous sexual relations.

It is a day of joy for polygamist because in spite of having many wives in their bed, they get to have only one baby per year (unless they want more of course).

It is a day of celebration for the heartless pimps and sex-slave traffickers who get to shackle and keep their sex-slaves sterile and readily available for “business”everyday of the year.

It is a day of celebration for the population control agencies that get to achieve their corporate goals without breaking a sweat.

It is a day of satisfaction and celebration for the eugenicists-at-heart who get to convince those they class as “unfit” to reproduce less of their kind.

It is also a day of celebration for racists-at-heart who are able to somehow influence the birth rates of certain races or peoples.

It is certainly a day of celebration for multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies who get to cash the big cheque with every carcinogenic pill that is dispensed to women around the world.

It is a day of celebration for the abortion industry because contraception is the undeniable gateway to abortion.

It is a day of celebration for some of the wealthiest politicians and philanthropists who are on the honor-roll of the population control movement. Hey! They may even get awards on this day.

It is a day of celebration for dictatorial and oppressive governments who have an easy way to “control” their populations.

Yes , many thanks to various forms of contraception that have given us firm control over birth, thanks to the powerful men and women who have given so much to fulfill for us the promise of sex without control, thanks to the great pharmaceutical companies that are so generous to donate contraceptive drugs and devices to the poor, thanks to the governments that have bestowed on us our sexual rights above all else.

But ,after all is said and done, why has the beautiful image of womanhood become so distorted and tarnished in the modern world ever since the “triumphant” entry of Contraception?
Increased numbers of pornographic depictions of women. Increased cases of breast cancer in young women, phenomenal numbers of abortions, increased numbers of infidelity, increased numbers of sex and substance abuse, increased number of women inexplicably dependent on antidepressants, increased numbers of divorce, decreased numbers of marriage proposals, and of course decreasing numbers of births.

We look in the mirror and we can hardly recognize the woman we see because she is wounded and scarred beyond recognition by the cheap and painful NuvaRing for which she gave up her pure and blessed Wedding Ring.

Women have nothing to celebrate on this day. Nothing!
We only have tears of pain, shame, regret, and loss. For we have lost so much of who we are in this Culture of Contraception and Deception that has captivated, captured and then condemned as many as 70% of us to a shadowland.
70% of us, our sisters and daughters and mothers and aunties and friends have been marked, marred and mangled in the most intimate part of our lives.
No, there is absolutely no cause for celebration, only tears, bitter tears, silent bitter tears that would never be seen or noticed by the world that has chosen this day to celebrate the World Contraception Day .

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