It all started when one rich western philanthropist tripped the switch with the weight of her wealth.


A few years ago the flood "gates" of contraception was opened on the poorest nations in the world, and most of these were African nations. An astronomical amount of money was poured into the project that had as primary objective - the drastic reduction of the fertility of the poor. Ever since then, there has been new and upcoming abortion proposals/bills springing up in various African nations, and also stringent population control measures being strongly proposed from one African nation to the other. It is beginning to feel as if the cultural tectonic plates are shifting beneath us and a new era is about to begin. An era where every new born African baby is now an "increase in population" rather than a precious gift from God. An era where the African woman is taught to be an autonomous woman whose freedom comes not from her God but from her artificial contraceptive pills, patch or injectables. Read More

Our Mission

Culture of Life Africa,is an initiative dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Gospel of Life in Africa through the dissemination of good information, sensitisation and education.

It is a response to the disturbing encroachment of the bold and wealthy proponents of the Culture of Death, as well as the unbelievable cultural pressure that is beginning to erode and alter the trajectory of the African cultural values of life, marriage, motherhood, family and faith... Read More

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blog6 Defending Human Dignity by Defunding Planned Parenthood

I remember when I was about 10 years old being over whelmed with a sense of deep shame when I first heard my grandmother’s stories about some traditional practices during her childhood in the 1920’s and before the missionaries came to our part of Africa. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my cultural […] ..Read More

IMG_8377 Kenyan President: For Kenyans gay rights is a non-issue

We are so grateful to the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta for clearly stating the non-negotiable position of Kenya (and the rest of Africa) on our deeply held believes. As he said in a statement today (in the presence of Pres. Barak Obama):  “Kenya and the U.S. we share many values; but there are somethings we […] ..Read More