Very exciting radio interview!  On Wednesday (4th of December) Uju was the special guest on EWTN prime-time radio show Catholic Answers.  And for an hour she answered questions on Africa, Condoms, AIDS, contraception and the influence of western donors on Africa. If you missed it, here is the link to listen to the show… Discussing Africa, Condoms and […] ..Read More

1st of December is World AIDS day but there is so little attention these days given to this most serious pandemic that has ravaged, claimed and viciously crushed the lives of millions of people with an astounding 35 million people living with AIDS around the world and almost 70% of them are in Sub-Saharan Africa. And even though no […] ..Read More

I came across a detailed triptych (3-part picture) that captures and conveys clearly the driving forces, empty promises and anti-life goals mapped out at the International Conference on  Family Planning sponsored and hosted last week by the Gates Foundation in Africa.  Simply put, the driving forces, facts and figures where provided by pro-abortion research institute (Guttemacher Institute); […] ..Read More

Last week, the heavy noose of population control was placed around the neck of Africa as the Gates Foundation hosted what they called, the biggest family planning event in history with about 3000 attendees. The International Conference on Family Planning Adis Ababa was a 4-day event which had so many tentacles targeting almost every layer […] ..Read More

About 2 weeks ago I came across this disturbing headline from Malawi: “COPUA Calls for Review of Abortion Law, Women Continue Dying From Unsafe Abortion” It is very disturbing to see how, in more recent years , there has been a bolder and stronger insistence by International Abortion industry to bring Abortion into African countries (against […] ..Read More


I have just returned from a speaking engagement in Africa where I was invited to be a part of the Catholic Health Summit in Abuja Nigeria, from October 23th-24th. It was a very unexpected and brief (4-days) visit to my home-country and now that I have returned to my little home in England, I am glad […] ..Read More