For the Healing of all those wounded within the Culture of Death.  IntentionToday, we remember the pain of:  -post abortive women and men -women and men sterilised against their will -divorced men and women -children of divorced parents -children in same-sex parent households  Reflection There are so many walking wounded among us who have been […] ..Read More


For the Liberation of Nations that have fallen into the stranglehold of the Culture of Death  Intention   We call to mind today:  -All Nations that have eclipsed faith in their public square -Nations that have legalised and elevated same-sex “marriage” or civil unions and same-sex parenting  -Nations that have legalised abortion  -Nations that are […] ..Read More


For the Liberation of those being held and led astray through morally objectionable aid projects by International Organisations and Philanthropists Intentions:  We prayerfully remember today:  -Women being subjected to extensive contraception and abortion projects in the poorest parts of the world -Young students who are subjected to inappropriate sex-ed programs -millions of youth in Africa […] ..Read More


Intention:  For the Liberation of all those trapped and enslaved by the the Culture of Sexual immorality We pray for: – unmarried couples who are co-habiting together -millions of men and women trapped by the pervasive pattern of sex outside of marriage  -those who have become addicted to pornography -those living the homosexual lifestyle -victims […] ..Read More


Intention:  For the Liberation of all those who have been trapped and bound behind the bars of the Culture of Contraception  Today we call to mind:  -the millions of women and girls who have either been convinced or deceived to go on the pill, patch, implants or coil  -the men and women who have been […] ..Read More


Intention: For the liberation of all those who have been ensnared and enslaved by the Culture of Abortion For: – All misguided men and women who have been shackled by the lies and empty promises of abortion -All healthcare workers who are trapped in the abortion industry -All radical politicians, academicians, lawyers, lobbyists and journalists who have committed and sold themselves to […] ..Read More


St Josephine Bakhita was born around 1869—she herself did not know the precise date, to a wealthy Sudanese family—in Darfur in Sudan. At the age of nine, she was kidnapped by slave-traders and sold five times in the slave-markets of Sudan. She was given the name Bakhita by the slave traders which means “lucky” or […] ..Read More