Intention Today is a perfect day to pray for:-ourselves -our families-our friends ReflectionWe have been granted the privilege to hear and heed the message of Life, Love and Dignity within the culture and community we find ourselves. But most of us have, at some point in life, been afflicted and affected by the culture of death around us. Most […] ..Read More


For the Healing of all those wounded within the Culture of Death.  IntentionToday, we remember the pain of:  -post abortive women and men -women and men sterilised against their will -divorced men and women -children of divorced parents -children in same-sex parent households  Reflection There are so many walking wounded among us who have been […] ..Read More


For the Liberation of Nations that have fallen into the stranglehold of the Culture of Death  Intention   We call to mind today:  -All Nations that have eclipsed faith in their public square -Nations that have legalised and elevated same-sex “marriage” or civil unions and same-sex parenting  -Nations that have legalised abortion  -Nations that are […] ..Read More


For the Liberation of those being held and led astray through morally objectionable aid projects by International Organisations and Philanthropists Intentions:  We prayerfully remember today:  -Women being subjected to extensive contraception and abortion projects in the poorest parts of the world -Young students who are subjected to inappropriate sex-ed programs -millions of youth in Africa […] ..Read More


Intention:  For the Liberation of all those trapped and enslaved by the the Culture of Sexual immorality We pray for: – unmarried couples who are co-habiting together -millions of men and women trapped by the pervasive pattern of sex outside of marriage  -those who have become addicted to pornography -those living the homosexual lifestyle -victims […] ..Read More


Intention:  For the Liberation of all those who have been trapped and bound behind the bars of the Culture of Contraception  Today we call to mind:  -the millions of women and girls who have either been convinced or deceived to go on the pill, patch, implants or coil  -the men and women who have been […] ..Read More


Intention: For the liberation of all those who have been ensnared and enslaved by the Culture of Abortion For: – All misguided men and women who have been shackled by the lies and empty promises of abortion -All healthcare workers who are trapped in the abortion industry -All radical politicians, academicians, lawyers, lobbyists and journalists who have committed and sold themselves to […] ..Read More