In a twitter message today, International Planned Parenthood Federation insists that THEY are responsible for providing “comprehensive” sex education, so that the next generation is healthy and empowered their own development outcomes. In a new campaign (the idecide campaign) they claim that it’s a tragedy for some countries and various traditions to deny the youth […] ..Read More


The great news of Mariam Ibrahim’s arrival in Italy filled me with so much joy and elation. The images of this graceful and beautiful African woman, babe in hand, stepping out of the plane was a sight to behold especially after her unspeakable pain and suffering in the Sudanese prison. So I thought I should, […] ..Read More

The 20th International AIDS conference kicked off in Melbourne on the 20th of July. As can be expected it is a grand affair with more than 14,000 delegates and some of the most prominent names associated with it. They are featuring prominent world leaders like President Bill Clinton, legendary stars like Sir Bob Gelfod, they […] ..Read More


Culture of Life Africa needs to get incorporated, organised and developed as an NGO, so as to widen and broaden the reach and ripple of this mission. Andso this is an appeal to realise that. We will need the help of: -anyone who has had experience with starting or developing an organisation or an NGO […] ..Read More


One area of pro-life mission in Africa that needs more witnesses and more emphasis is Post-Abortion Healing. Many many many women who choose abortion usually do so without understanding the full destructive and devastating effects of abortion. They are won over by the empty promises of “choice”. They are deceived by the false hope of […] ..Read More


A few weeks ago, I was privileged to have been involved in organising (at the request of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria) a rather historic event in my country. It took many months of planning, many weeks of deliberations and of course many days of intensive preparations, but on the 5th and 6th of […] ..Read More


MUSIC FOR THE HEART.. Given the release of the strong pro-life statement and communiqué from the Nigerian Bishops, it is only right that we should share with you this beautiful song composed and performed by Jude Nnam specially for the Nigerian pro-life conference. We promise you that you have never seen or heard anything quite […] ..Read More