Here is a very brief but evocative youtube video,from the Population Research Institute, which captures and presents the new trajectory of humanitarian aid in the 21st Century. If you have 2 minutes , then you can watch it and offer up a prayer with us so that things are put aright really soon… ..Read More

We have all ,no doubt, heard about the problem of overpopulation in Africa. That is what we hear implicitly and explicitly on the News , in the movies , in our schools and even at International gatherings. So all the challenges and difficulties being experienced in the Continent is easily and lazily blamed or tied […] ..Read More

It was exactly 3 years ago to this month (April) that the Kenyan Parliament , with the solid support of the Obama Administration,approved a draft of their new Constitution that was to overturn Kenya’s historic prohibition on abortions. Although the draft contained language advocating the right to life for unborn children, it also had a […] ..Read More

Despite the unrelenting and unwavering efforts of the anti-life Population Control proponents to discourage birth of new life by flaunting their “ideal” small-family model and by equating big families to”limited resources” , “poverty” and “hardship”, Africans still hold tenaciously unto their love for life . Their babies are still accepted as beautiful blessings , marriage […] ..Read More

Being a largely pro-life territory (when compared to some other parts of the world), Africa continues to endure social and cultural pressure from some of the most powerful countries in the world. Following the International Women’s Day (in March of 2013) , there were critically important week-long discussions and negotiations at the UN Commission on […] ..Read More

One of the most painful realities in Africa is that hundreds of thousands of men , women and children die every year under the vicious scourge of curable diseases like malaria , diarrhoea and respiratory tract infections.Treatable diseases which continue to claim many many lives in Africa because the cost of medicines remain out of […] ..Read More

As HIV is ravaging so many young people in South Africa , the response of the Educational Board has been to provide an increased access to condoms for secondary school kids instead of approaching the root cause of the problem of increasing pre-marital sexual activity among the youth . And so on this note , […] ..Read More