Happy Mother’s Day to all our beloved friends and family who are (biological, adoptive and spiritual) mothers. You are a true source of light, life and love for humanity in your vocation as MOTHER. You are the precious pearl of society.So today , Culture of Life Africa celebrates and honours you in your motherhood. Thank […] ..Read More

This is the sad reality of South Africa- it is perfectly legal to kill the unborn baby in the womb . In fact , SA is one of the few African nations that have legalised Abortion thereby taking away the Right to Life of their unborn. How can such tragedy be allowed in a country […] ..Read More

TUNE IN FRIDAY(10th of May)! Uju and Nicole will be on Teresa Tomeo’s radio show (Catholic Connection) at 9:15am EST (14:15 London time) on Ave Maria Radio. You can listen online! We will be discussing the exciting and timely work and mission of Culture of Life Africa, especially our involvement and participation in the series […] ..Read More

As I searched online for resources and initiatives dedicated to development in Africa ,it dawned on me that in this difficult and dry global economic climate , many humanitarian aid projects have been inevitably defunded and there are fewer and fewer poverty alleviation projects being launched . So imagine my shock and horror to discover […] ..Read More

What a high honour and endorsement for us that Culture of Life Africa has been introduced and prominently featured on the homepage of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Laity Women’s section!!! This is real shot in the arm for us in our mission to promote and propagate the Gospel of Life in Africa and […] ..Read More

There are a number of ways that you can support the work and mission of Culture of Life Africa today… The first and most effective way you can help is through your PRAYERS.ray for our work throughout Africa by joining our COLAfrica prayer initiative  simply by signing up for our monthly prayer update and request. […] ..Read More

Thanks be to God that thousands of people around the world have already seen this soul-wrenching documentary entitled 3801 Lancaster that tells the true story of Kermit Gosnell – an American abortionist who has hurt so many women and killed so many babies (in and out of the womb) at his abortion centre located at […] ..Read More