One of the rich fruits from the pro-life conference in Owerri was the communiqué released by Most Rev. Anthony J. V. Obinna (Archbishop of Owerri ) and co-signed by Rev. Fr. Justin Okoro​ (Chaplain Pro-life Owerri) and Obianuju Ekeocha (Culture of Life Africa) . This document , entitled “United in God for Life” – succinctly […] ..Read More

EWTN Television will feature the recent Nigerian pro-life events , conferences and yes …the resounding March for Life in Owerri , all in the next episode of their news program  – Vaticano.  Here is a detailed program page for the upcoming episode of Vaticano… As the last news item, they will show the beautiful and […] ..Read More

Written words are sometimes not quite adequate to capture the full excitement of great events , such is the case of our past pro-life mission in Nigeria. But if you would want to have a little feel of it , here is Teresa Tomeo’s great conversation with Uju and Archbishop Anthony Obinna of the Owerri […] ..Read More

As Africa is being increasingly pressured  and prodded by the rich population-control-minded western donors , more and more “family planning” facilities are being installed in their cities, towns  and villages and as a result, the good people of Africa are being bombarded everyday by the contraception-abortion message from the first world countries . This is […] ..Read More

Dearest friends and family of COLAfrica , I am now re-connected to the internet and so able to report to you all that I have safely arrived in Nigeria , amidst much joy and excitement ,for the much-talked-about upcoming pro-life events. I have had the great privilege of meeting and receiving the blessings of the […] ..Read More

Dearest family and friends of COLAfrica,I am now packed, ready and waiting (at the airport) to embark on this wonderful adventure which is all about taking the Gospel of Life to Africa.Seating here at the Heathrow Airport , I can’t help but raise my heart in gratitude and thanksgiving for Culture of Life Africa , […] ..Read More

If you didn’t get a chance to hear Teresa Tomeo’s great conversation with Uju and Nicole on radio last week , don’t worry we have it here for you !  Take a listen and share COLAfrica’s exciting mission for life… (Click on the link below) COLAfrica’s discussion about their upcoming events on Catholic Connection ..Read More