New Pro-Life Documentary in Production!


We are producing a feature-length documentary that presents the (most personal and moving) stories of how abortion has affected the lives of some women in Africa.
This documentary will also show how some of the western donor funding given to certain “sexual and reproductive health and rights organizations” affects individual women living in various parts of Africa.

We already have started this project, so there is hours recorded hours of interviews mostly from Kenya but also from Ethiopia.
We also, fortunately, received some interviews recorded by Human Life International in Uganda which highlight even more what happens to women in rural parts of Africa when they are given (donated)contraceptives without ever being informed of possible side effects.

These stories are compelling and some of it is heartbreaking, but I assure you that they bring to the surface a side of Africa that is not captured by the wealthy international media like CNN & BBC.
This is why we wanted to raise these unheard voices of Africa.

There are many costs to consider to get these rough cut interviews into a feature length documentary.
The budget is $22,000 which should cover every aspect of production from this point to the finish line.

It will be a miracle to realize this documentary.
But we do believe firmly in miracles.

Help us tell this story for the world to hear… please GoFund the telling of this story.