The West African country Sierra Leone has taken a most unfortunate step off a cultural cliff as they legalized abortion this week.

Who would have thought that a nation still reeling and recovering from an Ebola epidemic would choose death for their unborn children?

However, under the intense lobbying efforts of Ipas , a pro-abortion organisation headquartered in North Carolina , the Parliament of Sierra Leone passed the “Safe Abortion Bill 2015” into law on the 8th of December .

The bill, which is a private member bill, has been in parliament for the past three years. And the passing of the bill was facilitated by member of parliament  Isatu Kabia of constituency 50 in Port Loko District.    During the presentation of the bill, Hon. Isatu Kabia cited the United Nations’ Convention on the Elimination of all forms Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Committee which recommended for the “decriminalization of Abortion Legislation” by member states.
She stated that the CEDAW Committee, in its review of Sierra Leone in 2014, noted the “high maternal maternity ratio in the country and the fact that the law on abortion criminalizes the procedure without providing any exception to the high incidence of sexual violence and unwanted pregnancy resulting in an unsafe abortions which account for 30% of maternal mortality.”

This goes to show how the United Nations is using its position of power to spread a Culture of Death throughout the world, especially the world of the poor. Disregarding cultural and religious views and values, the UN recommends to developing countries to pave the path of development with the blood of their unborn children. By implication, they promise Africans a decrease in maternal deaths if only they would legalize abortion. Even though there hasn’t been any clear indications that this has happened in any of the countries that have chosen to legalize abortion. South Africa, for example, is an African nation that espoused legal abortion almost 20 years ago and yet they still have an unspeakably high maternal mortality rate. In addition to that they have had an inexplicable degradation in family values and an increase in violence against women.

In Africa, what pregnant women are asking for is better obstetric care and facilities for safe delivery. Yes, they want safer ways to deliver their babies, not safer ways to kill them.

The only ones rejoicing over the passing of this abortion bill are the heavily paid pro-abortion lobbyists and their wealthy friends because most of the Sierra Leonian women present outside the wall of parliament expressed dissatisfaction on the passing of the bill, stating that they are mothers who can never encourage their children to commit abortion. “Our religions do not permit such practice, so also is our culture”, one women said.
“We were deceived today; we were given T-Shirts to come here without being rightly informed on the occasion,” lamented some women earing T-shirts with inscription ‘Child Bearing by Choice and Not by Force’.

Can you see how Ipas and like-minded western organisations treat Africans? They come to our capitals, give us T-Shirts to celebrate the legalized killing of our unborn babies without even telling us what we are wearing. And of course because no one refuses a free t-shirt in Africa, we wear their “fashionable” gifts and support their deadly cause. And when the women get to the parliament and the bill is passed, they start lamenting because that is only when they understand that to the sleek and sly Ipas operative, “Child Bearing by Choice and Not by Force” means “Death to unborn babies”, “Abortion on demand without apologies” “My Body my Choice” “Right to sexual pleasure trumps Right to Life”!
So the African women begin to lament, cry and gnash their teeth for inadvertently supporting such depravity. Meanwhile the lobbyists who pushed for this bill have probably boarded the first class cabin of a Boeing 777 heading west. Their mission has been accomplished.
This is how the Culture of Death is spreading its tentacles throughout Africa, by stealth and heartless deception.

Today Africa laments and groans as Sierra Leone joins South Africa, Tunisia, Cape Verde and Mozambique on a path of violence and death. Today the Culture of Death has made in-roads in Africa. Today I call out to women and men across Africa to stay awake and be aware of the wiles and methods of the pro-abortion campaigners who care nothing for pregnant women but instead who are most keen to extend and impose their distorted worldview to every corner of the world.


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