Marching in Nairobi for CHASTITY


Culture of Life Africa is pleased to join up with Abstinence Kenya, True Love Generation, HLI Kenya and the Linda Uhai Consortium to organise a Chastity March in Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday 17th December 2015.

This important March is in response to the new shift in some of the Kenyan government agencies who have aligned with International and Western Organisations in an extensive promotion of a condom culture (and implied casual sex attitude) among the youth.

For some years now, we have been speaking out  against the eroticization of the condom campaigns in Africa especially as these campaigns never fully inform our young people of the incontrovertible failures of condoms.

Researchers and condom manufacturers say that in “typical use” (i.e. among regular & experienced users), 18% of the women get pregnant while using condoms.
Meaning that for even the most careful users, there would be a much higher rate (definitely higher than 18%) failure for HIV transmission .
In the face of a contagious, incurable, deadly virus like the HIV, these stastics show how destructive the condom campaigns can be for millions of young people for too many people who depended on condoms while engaging in high-risk sexual behaviours have died.
And yet organisations like the United Nations Population fund (UNFPA) still distribute about 1 billion condoms every year (most of it to young adolescents in developing countries).
Through their  “Condomise“ projects they reach millions of young people in Africa with a casual sex message that is erotic and erroneous. And yet when their condoms fail , Africans have no way to fight back.

So we fight back by sharing and spreading the truth.
The most effective and healthy way to combat the HIV pandemic is by rigorously promoting throughout our communities behaviour change rooted in abstinence, chastity and fidelity.
This message achieved great success in Uganda when their government got involved in helping and encouraging behavioural change in the country.

Abstinence, Be-Faithful, Chastity. ABC.
This is the message that will help Africa to walk away from the clutches of HIV.
This is the message we are supporting.
This is the message we are spreading.

Join us on this amazing March tomorrow!!!

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