Building up an authentic Culture of Life in Africa


It goes without saying that our world is rapidly being re-shaped and reconfigured by a hand full of powerful and “progressive” nations , organisations and personalities who have a distorted view of the nature of human life, marriage and family. They are re-defining culture and civilization and in the process really destroying the core values that have held many societies together.

In Africa, our resilience in difficulty is underpinned by our respect for the sanctity of human, our celebration of motherhood and our appreciation for the family.

If this hegemonic social reconstruction is allowed to get a foothold on our continent, the devastation will be beyond repair.

This is why we are raising our voices, this is why we are calling out to every person of goodwill to join us in dissuading the abortion advocates, the population control enthusiasts, the LGBT activists and the cultural imperialists who have been hovering over Africa in the last few years.

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We can reverse the trends of the Culture of death!