The Mission of the Final Quarter…


As we step into the last quarter of the year, the need increases for continued tenacity and audacity in our pro-life work and mission.
We give thanks to God for the great fruits and favours received. And we resolve to work more diligently to spread the Culture of Life and Civilisation of Love wherever we find ourselves.

On this note, let me share with you some of the exciting upcoming events that we will be a part of.

This coming Friday (September 5th), the 3-day SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) annual conference will begin in Derbyshire England. And I have the great and undeserved honour of being a keynote speaker at that important pro-life event.
My topic will be entitled :
The Clash of the Cultures; how to keep Africa Pro-Life in the rising tide of Pro-Abortion ideology

This in fact has been the overarching theme of many of my writings and pro-life reflections, so I am delighted and grateful to SPUC for giving me the opportunity to present it at their conference.
And as I know that it will be such a great Pro-Life event, I cordially invite anyone who is able to attend this conference (see all the details on the flyer) . And I ask for the prayers of everyone who cannot make it to please pray for me and for the success of the events.

Another exciting event that I will be participating in the International Forum on Large Family and Future of Humanity.
This will take place next week in Moscow Russia from September 10th & 11th and I have been invited to speak during the RoundTable Forum on the timely topic:
Upholding the dignity of African women in the age of radical “sexual and reproductive rights” agenda

It will be a real privilege for me to present the views and values of African women at such an international gathering.

After these two pro-life events (in UK and Russia), I will begin to prayerfully prepare to travel to Rome during the upcoming Synod on the Family.
For anyone who isn’t very familiar with the Synod, it is the gathering of representative Catholic Bishops from around the world who convene at the invitation of the Pope in order to discuss and deliberate on various issues.
So this October, Pope Francis has chosen to convene a Synod from October 5th-19th on “The Pastoral Challenges of the family in the context of Evangelisation”.
This synod will bring to the fore, so many issues that touch on our core mission – marriage, family, sanctity of life, openness to life,etc.
For this reason, I will be in Rome during this season so as to render service and support to our Bishops who will be laden with the task of protecting and promoting the Gospel of Life in this our age when the attack on the family is at an all time high.

So, I solicit your prayers and your support for Culture of Life Africa in this quarter as we seek for ways and opportunities to serve and promote life and dignity.
Stay close to our Facebook page because I intend to share many precious moments and messages from the missions.
And whenever you can, please comment on our postings because I see your comments from wherever I am and they fill me with even more strength, courage and passion to continue to walk this path with renewed tenacity and audacity!

Yours in all humility,