The Truth that must not be told @ AIDS 2014

The 20th International AIDS conference kicked off in Melbourne on the 20th of July.

As can be expected it is a grand affair with more than 14,000 delegates and some of the most prominent names associated with it.

They are featuring prominent world leaders like President Bill Clinton, legendary stars like Sir Bob Gelfod, they have prestigious UN officials like Executive Director Michel Sidibé (of UNAIDS) participating in almost every aspect of the events.

And as can also be expected every keynote speaker will be demanding an end to the AIDS pandemic, every speech will be about overcoming this unstoppable disease and every theme and thought of the conference centred around eradicating the killer virus – HIV by what they call “stepping up the pace”.

Scientists and Public health Experts have gathered from the most respectable institutions in the world to contribute and participate in this conference. For them it is a perfect occasion for a massive brain-storm in the otherwise calm and beautiful city of Melbourne.

In my own keen interest to understand and grasp the HIV/AIDS pandemic as it affects Africa , I have been following this conference closely and going through the impressive (and almost endless) list of topics and abstracts lined up by the best and brightest of the field in the attempt to fully explore the AIDS problem.

They seem to have thought of every possible perspective of considering this issue…. There are topics on:-

-Prevention for people who use drugs

-Prevention for male, female and transgender sex workers

-Prevention for MSM (men who have sex with men)

-Prevention for trans-genders

-Prevention for discordant couples

And someof the “Approaches and Tools for HIV Prevention” listed for discussion during this conference include:

-Male and female condoms and other physical barriers

-Male circumcision

-HIV testing

-PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)

-PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxs)

-Vaginal microbicides

-Rectal microbicides

-Impact of treatment on prevention


Wow, almost everything covered… Everything except ABSTINENCE, FIDELITY or DELAY of sexual debut which have been conspicuously omitted!!!

This came to me as a startling shock that in such an important setting as the International AIDS conference, the totalitarian whim and will of the liberal ideologues would reign supreme to the point that these undeniably important prevention strategies are not even mentioned whatmore discussed in-depth.

Imagine having a major conference on Lung Cancer where nothing is ever said about quitting smoking, changing smoking habits or the detriments of chain-smoking.

This is exactly what is happening in Melbourne this week and it is deplorable.

How could an entire field of experts run around in dizzying circles while intentionally ignoring the most obvious elephant in their conference room – behavioural change, Abstinence, Fidelity and delay of sexual debut.

How could our brightest and most brilliant minds tie themselves up in their blind conformance to the paralysing dictates of political correctness?

How can an entire establishment (but for a few courageous dissidents likeProfessor Edward Green), choose to stifle the most obvious truth about the incontrovertible importance of behavioural change towards abstinence and fidelity in the prevention of HIV infections within the population such as was the case in the remarkable success seen in Uganda when their government chose to promote and implement the abstinence and fidelity approach?

To add to the shock of this silent exclusion of abstinence and fidelity by the ideologically-driven academia, I came across a new article that has just been published by the Guardian on the latest recommendation of scientists in the battle against AIDS.

In an outrageous piecefrom our HIV “experts”,the scientists are claiming that the HIV preventive measure with the biggest impact is the decriminalisation of sex work (i.e. prostitution)!!!!!

In their “estimation”it would reduce HIV infections by 33% to 46% over the next decade.

In their own words:

“Sex work is part of the human story. Accepting and embracing sex work – supporting those engaged in sex work to protect their health and bodily integrity and autonomy – should be our humane, as well as our pragmatic, approach to the reality of our human lives. And to our common efforts to defeat Aids.”

Given the millions of girls and women trapped and trafficked each year into the commercial sex-industry, given the unspeakable abuse that is unleashed upon women and girls in this line of work, given the level of drug abuse and organised crime that is inevitably tethered to this field, it is absolutely disconcerting that any educated (or even uneducated) person would make these wild claims and recommendations.

What is worse is that they are putting this forward to governments and organisations as the pinnacle of their research and as their own version of cutting edge public health, epidemiological and medical science!

Political correctness. Sexual Promiscuity. Sexual hedonism. Moral relativism. Moral decadence.

These have become the silent forbidden grounds that must not be trespassed by HIV researchers in their quest for a solution.

So as President Bill Clinton is raising his voice during his keynote address to demand an end to the AIDS pandemic, he might as well be spitting into the hurricane because he (and many like-minded western social engineers) have helped to sculpt this Civilisation where the right to sexual pleasure has become more important than the right to life.
Until the truth about this pandemic is squarely confronted and the best prevention programs and strategies implemented the killer virus will continue to spread through our Continent, killing millions of Africans, destroying millions of families,rendering millions of children orphans and infecting millions of misguided promiscuous persons in its path.

The HIV will continue to scar Africa while the “best” and most renowned scientists and scholars gather year after year after for the International AIDS Conference.

Sad. Really Sad !