IPPF and their campaigns


In a twitter message today, International Planned Parenthood Federation insists that THEY are responsible for providing “comprehensive” sex education, so that the next generation is healthy and empowered their own development outcomes.

In a new campaign (the idecide campaign) they claim that it’s a tragedy for some countries and various traditions to deny the youth their “basic rights” to decide:

-what you do with their own body

-whether to get pregnant

-who to love and how

So now IPPF is trying to garner support in their one-million signature petition drive to present their distorted views on sex-ed at the UN in order to influence the new Development Goals by integrating these “basic rights” into the global priority list.

Why can’t they just accept it that there are still parts of the world where children are raised to respect human life, sex, marriage, motherhood and fatherhood.

Knowing what we all know about the graphic and very misleading sex-ed that Planned parenthood has been giving young children in some western countries, why would we want to hand over our African youth to them?

Their “comprehensive” sex-ed has included elements of BDSM, pornography, casual sex, premarital sex and abortion rights, all morally objectionable, all considered depraved by the wider African society.

Yet they want to claim authority in the sexual instruction and education of young minds around the world!

Pls join us to keep IPPF away from African youth.

Consider joining our COLAfrica prayer initiative !