A Song For The Pro-Life Heart – Nigeria For Life by Sir Jude Nnam



Given the release of the strong pro-life statement and communiqué from the Nigerian Bishops, it is only right that we should share with you this beautiful song composed and performed by Jude Nnam specially for the Nigerian pro-life conference.

We promise you that you have never seen or heard anything quite like this.

It is beautifully written with the most fitting words that capture the pro-life theme of our conference.

It is the finest accompaniment to the communiqué!

We wish that someday, the pro-abortion and pro-contraception organizations and super-powers would get to see and understand that indeed Africans do not want their morals and values washed away by the rising tide of the Culture of Death.

Keep sharing this video with the hope that one of these days, the message will get to them, that Africans love life and celebrate motherhood. That Africans understand marriage and family life. What we need is not contraception or a legal means of killing our young, what we need is to be allowed to live in dignity.