The Great Mission Ahead

I would like to solicit your prayers for me as I have been given the great opportunity and privilege to be at the United Nations all through next week for a very important conference on Population and Development.

My sincere hope and prayer is to continue to witness to the sanctity and dignity of human life from the moment of conception; and my intention is to continue to insist on the need for authentic development in Africa.
My task is to project as strongly as I can,  the African perspective on life, marriage, motherhood, faith and family.
I already know that this conference will be a rallying point for the pro-abortion and pro-contraception groups who are intent on spreading their own ideology, it will also be a hotspot for all the population control enthusiasts and philanthropists who are desperately seeking to depopulate the world. 
So please pray for me and for other pro-life and pro-family advocates who will be at the UN next week. 
The need for courage at this time is greater than ever in a world that is being heavily swerved and influenced by a radically distorted ideology. 
An ideology conceived and born to the sexual revolution. 
An ideology that is now boldly raising the “rights” to sex over and above the rights to life. 
An ideology which is seeking to neuter, sterilise and depopulate the world. 
An ideology which is deforming the family structure as we know it. 
An ideology which has reframed and redefined all that we know… human life, marriage, love, development, ethics, education, justice, sex, equality, freedom… All now redefined beyond recognition. 
Yes indeed, next week we will be contending with very powerful organisations resolutely committed to the global dissemination of this ideology. 
So again I would ask for your support and your prayers. 
I would also ask for you to stay very close and in fact accompany me on this special mission to the UN by being connected to our  Culture of Life Africa Facebook page as I intend to keep you updated during the conference – pictures, quick Facebook updates, blog posts …all of it! 
I am also very humbled and happy to share with you that after attending the week-long events at the UN, I have been invited by the much beloved catholic network EWTN to be on their very popular TV show – EWTN Live.  
So I’ll have the pure pleasure and delight of spending 2 days at the EWTN studios at Birmingham Alabama and I will have the honour of speaking with Fr Mitch Pacwa and (hopefully) some of the other amazing EWTN hosts. It will be for me a time of joy and excitement and also a time of prayer.
What a perfect end of my 2-weeks stay in the US. 
In the days ahead I know that I will have a tremendous amount of work, learning, encounters, friendships, reunions, challenges and collaborations. What will get me through will be a little bit of leisure with a heavy dose of prayers coming from all over. 
So please stay close. Stay close and experience all of it with me! 
Yours in all humility,