Ideologically-Driven Moral Rage

In the last two months, the western leaders have shown themselves to be modern day cultural imperialists. In their bitter disapproval they have pulled out their proverbial whip to crack down on the Nigerian and Ugandan Presidents who recently passed bills to prohibit the LGBT propaganda in their countries. 
We have heard of President Obama’s “serious” considerations to withdraw aid and funding, we have seen Susan Rice’s tweet about her long telephone call to dissuade Ugandan President, we have seen the British parliament threatening travel sanctions, there was also the recent EU vote to impose sanctions of these nations … All because these 2 African nations refused to bend to the “sovereignty” and rage of the rainbow flag. 
They are willing to beat Africa and bend Africa and burn Africa until Africa submits her children and citizens to the re-education which is now very much underway in Europe and America. 
This re-education that will entail teaching our young ones that there is no real difference between men and women, that two mums can indeed marry to raise a “happy and gay” family, that surrogacy can solve the problem posed by natural law, that sex is all about self-actualisation. 
The re-education and re-configuration of the youngest minds with the potent toxin of the modern day “comprehensive sexuality education”. 
Here is the thing… As President of United States (POTUS) claims the moral high grounds and unleashes his rage at the anti-LGBT bills in Africa , we can see that the beautiful and stylish First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is visiting and touring China where hundreds of millions of babies (born and unborn) have been killed under the One Child Policy, where men and women are being coercively sterilised everyday, where human rights are being severely abused, where millions have been denied their religious liberty. 
Why won’t the FLOTUS fight for the rights of women and children?
Why do we not see the same moral rage of the western leaders? 
I cannot help but wonder if they reserve their reactions and sanctions to “unjust” bills, laws and policies only in Africa? 
In that case, we would sit back and wait to see what the POTUS will do in response to a new and most disgusting bill from his own African home country – Kenya. 
No, Kenya did not pass a bill to prohibit the LGBT agenda. 
As some valiant and heroic leaders in countries like Nigeria and Uganda vote to develop and pass bills that will protect life, motherhood and marriage, Kenyan MPs are busy voting to amend their new marriage bill to allow men to take as many wives as they like without consulting existing spouses. 
Yes, the same Kenyan Parliament that  changed Kenyan constitution 4 years ago to make legal room for Abortion-on-demand, are now promoting Polygamy! 
This is so very sad and heart-breaking to watch a beautiful African nation being led off the path of authentic civilisation. 
Polygamy. An undeniable step backwards which will endanger rather than engender authentic development in Kenya. An awkward marriage arrangement that has been shown to hurt women. 
And this is why we are hoping that the POTUS will find it in his heart to rise with the same zeal with which he took up the Nigerian and Ugandan Presidents, so as to denounce this polygamy bill and dissuade the leaders of his father’s country to choose what is truly good for the women of Kenya. 
Unless of course he doesn’t find the polygamy bill as distasteful as the anti-LGBT ones he is decrying in Uganda and Nigeria. Unless it’s all about promoting the LGBT rights and ideology over and above real human rights. 
Our world, is spinning into a new orbit of distorted moral values.  
What we have always known to be good is now being labeled as hatred and phobia.  
What we have always known to be killing is now being re-branded as reproductive rights.
What we have always known to be disordered is now being touted as sexual choices and orientations. 
What we have always known to be immoral is now being raised and praised as sexual freedom. 
Indeed, we are in a new moral era that may not be conducive for our children and our children’s children. 
We pray that more heroic African leaders will rise up among us to valiantly promote and defend all that is true, good and beautiful.